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You probably heard about this butter in your coffee thing by now. And I am one of them that has my bulletproof coffee every morning. What is bulletproof coffee you ask? You take quality coffee, put a tablespoon of either coconut oil or MCT Oil (or medium-chain triglycerides), and a tablespoon of grass fed butter and mix it up in a blender to create a frothy delicious latte like coffee that in my opinion is ten times better than Starbucks! You can also add a couple drops of stevia for taste but coconut oil is sweet as well.

So exactly what is the bulletproof diet and does it really work?

Bulletproof diet

Bulletproof diet was pioneered by it’s bio-hacking CEO Dave Asprey. He created this diet based on the coffee I described above after doing his own research after many failed attempts at diet and exercise (which we all know all too well).

The premise of this diet supports fat loss, and muscle maintenance not weight loss all the while eating more fat. Huh? What this means is that the focus is to lower inflammation and also help balance blood sugar and hormones. The end result? Increasing your energy levels and cognitive function. Sign me up for that!

In addition, because of the higher fat, you will feel full longer so there are no cravings and you don’t even need to count calories. Thank goodness!

What NOT to eat

Sugar – any kind of sugar, even fruit juice, sports drinks, sauces and salad dressings. Sorry to say but even sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, agave and fruits such as bananas, watermelon and apples should be eliminated.

Grains and Gluten – Wheat has high amounts of gluten that disrupts the digestive system and causes inflammation. Other grains such as corn, oats, barley are just as bad.

Synthetic additives, colorings and flavorings – this should be eliminated regardless if you are following bulletproof diet or any kind of diet, this elimination should be a lifestyle change. This includes aspartame, MSG, dyes and artificial flavorings

Legumes – Peanuts, beans and lentils…again all of these do have a negative affect on the digestion.

**Now you do not need to eliminate everything all at once, however the more you do the better you will feel** 

What TO eat

Good healthy fats – avocados, grass fed butter, grass fed meat, coconut oil (despite the latest article from American Heart Association that says it’s bad… definitely not true), walnuts, cashews, seeds such as pumpkin seeds.

Organic fruits and vegetables – Fruits such as berries are great and should only be limited to 1-2 servings a day. Also you do not need to buy all organic, just be aware of the dirty dozen and only buy organic in those.

Does it work?

There has been some back and forth on whether it is good for you or not since you are increasing your fat intake which does tend to increase your cholesterol in the first 90 days and that it also shuns out fruits. Personally I have been fully  Bulletproof for a month and overall noticed an increase in energy and cognitive focus as well as I feel full longer and don’t need to eat the 5 times I did before. Using a body fat caliper  I measured my Body Fat percentage May 1st before going truly bulletproof and today after a full month on bulletproof and keto (keto will be explained in another post) Overall I lost 3% in Body Fat!!. I will post pictures in my next monthly update (which happens to be on my 40th Birthday). For now, below are my calculations. In just the mirror and clothes itself, I definitely have lost size and increased muscle tone. I am not alone in my testimony as there are many others that have taken on this way of life and feel great!! 

Where can I get this Bulletproof coffee? 

If you want to learn more and try it out for yourself, please click on the link below and let me know what you think.

Shop Coffee & Tea at Bulletproof.com

Do you or would you follow the Bulletproof diet? Please comment below as I would love to read your thoughts. Thank you!

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4 thoughts on “What is a bulletproof diet, and does it work?

  • yancey

    Hi there,
    This is a great article. My fiance has been losing weight and is always interested in anything about help with weight loss. I have never heard about the bulletproof diet, I guess I am a little behind lol, but this sounds like an amazing product especially with how many people drink coffee these days. Thank you for this informative information.

    • Fit2BHealthe Post author

      Thank you! Bulletproof often gets shadowed by keto (ketosis) diet as it is similar in nature. And bulletproof coffee is definitely a great way to start the morning. Let me know if you or your fiance need any help. Thanks again!

  • Robert

    It was great to feel the enthusiasm on what you are doing. Certainly contagious… like you want to get another workout in.

    It was great to see the progress you are making with the diet.

    What is you objective? How long do you think it will take to get to your goal?

    Definitely worth checking out.