Types of wearable technology – don’t leave home without it!

As I see it, we are in a time where the “future” is now. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and wearable technology is where we are and where we will be staying. I am actually working on a project in Augmented and Virtual Reality which I will post at a later date. But back to wearable technology. Remember the times where you had to weigh your food and write down all your macros (calories, carbs, fat, protein)? Or the only way to check your blood pressure and glucose levels was to make an appointment with the doctor? Those days are long gone, although I would still make the appointment with the doctor. What I am getting at is that we have so much technological intelligence at the touch of a button and we have it everywhere we go, everything we do. It is an interesting time!

We have the ability to understand our sleep patterns, what our resting heart rate is vs during a high intensity workout, if we are active enough or have to pick up the pace, what our glucose levels are. Everyday is something new (I just seen an article today on a new Fitbit). Technology is always evolving and that means the health and fitness world evolves with it. It is exciting that we have access to all this information about ourselves to understand our metrics of our activity and for a sedentary person means to walk more, for an athlete means to run faster or hit harder. Now there has been some back and forth on whether these trackers are accurate and I can attest that when I had my Fitbit, just brushing my teeth I was walking…which essentially you either put it on your non dominant hand or what I saw some people do is put it on your ankle if it fits (clever)! Take it with a grain of salt, I always say it’s good to know if you are in a ballpark vs not knowing at all.

Wearable technology can be on your wrist, around your sternum, attached or in your clothes and even on your head. There are so many types of wearable technology, and I have provided a short but sweet list of the most common and the not so common but so cool!!

Wearables on your wrist

These are the most common and are probably the least expensive, though a couple are up there on price.

Product Name: Fitbit 
Product Price: $198.95
Best place to buy: Amazon
Attributes: has the look of a smartwatch, but it’s infused with all the usual Fitbit goodness: step, stair-climb and sleep tracking, plus heart-rate monitoring. It has a color, raise-to-wake touchscreen, swappable band, water-resistant design and five-day battery (though probably closer to four in real-world usage). You’ll get notification support for native smartphone features like texts, emails and calendar appointments.

Product Name: Misfit
Product Price: $39.99
Best place to buy: Amazon
Attributes: Automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and light and restful sleep. Vibration alerts for call and text notifications, movement reminders, and alarms. Smart button enabled to control connected household devices. Swimproof, anodized aluminum cylinder with multicolor LED progress display. Non‐charging, replaceable batteries last up to 4 months

Product: Garmin Forerunner 35
Price: $199.99
Best place to buy: JackRabbit
Attributes: Ideal for new runners, couch to 5k-ers and those who want a little more info on their regular runs without being overwhelmed by data, it also has activity tracking, bridging the divide between an inexpensive activity tracker and a serious sports watch.
It packs in all the bare essentials for runners: distance, pace, time, calories, splits and an optical heart rate monitor. Plus it also delivers smartphone notifications to your wrist. Everything you need if you’re a recreational runner who just wants to keep tabs on how far and fast they’ve gone.

Heart Rate Monitor – I use this one

Product: MyZone
Price: $149.95
Best place to buy: Amazon
Attributes: Real time feedback on heart rate, calories and effort. Live display of data via smartphone app, watch or ‘in club’ displays.
Unique MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) designed to reward effort to promote fair competition with MYZONE users all over the world.
Internal memory (16 hours of exercise data) for those times you don’t have your smartphone. Uses Bluetooth and ANT+ communication protocol to connect with 3rd party Apps & devices. 99.4% accuracy to an EKG/ECG machine providing data you can trust.

Clothing as wearables

Product: Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear
Price: $99.99
Best place to buy: Amazon
Attributes: The print technology on the inside reflects far infrared, which helps your body recover faster, promote better sleep, reduce inflammation & regulate cell metabolism



Virtual and Augmented Reality

Be on the lookout for these devices to be the forefront of tracking health and fitness:

Xbox Vr
Oculus Santa Cruz
Mixed Reality

Do you own a wearable technology? If so, which one and how do you like it? Please comment below and please share this post to get the word out. Thank you!


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