These are easy and convenient. You can take the leftovers anywhere and heat them up for a minute in the microwave. They are healthy and delicious!

“Green” Egg-Sausage Muffins

This past week has taught me a lot about focus and how easy it can be to get knocked off track. Events transpired where I shifted my focus on a priority at the moment only to be derailed on what I am most passionate about, health and wellness and inspiring […]

How to focus in life: 5 ways to live with ...

Avocado oil  Coconut oil Himalyan Pink Sea Salt   Print Recipe Cabbage Saute with Salmon and Avocado You can replace the salmon with another wild-caught fish or shellfish or with pastured chicken. Course Main Dish Prep Time 5 Cook Time 15 Servings Ingredients 1/2 avocado Diced3 Tb Lemon juice Freshly […]

Cabbage Saute with Salmon and Avocado

I am hailing collagen as the fountain of youth! Unfortunately collagen in our bodies lesson as we get older which is why there is a great need for supplementation. Before I go into detail on collagen health benefits and my review I want to give you a little insight is […]

Collagen health benefits and my review

Ok , so I want to preface this post by saying this is not another article telling you what you should and should not eat. I am in this business to educate you enough so that you can make your own sound judgements as we are all adults. With that […]

The Whole Story on Whole Grains…The Healthy Myth Debunked

It seems counterintuitive to have National Relaxation Day on a Tuesday – better than Monday I guess. However, relaxation should not be taken lightly, especially in the crazy, stressed out, keep going, immediate gratification and short attention span world we live in. It is imperative to take a “time out” […]

It’s National Relaxation Day, 3 easy ways to get the ...

Today in the social media world is known as #thankfulthursday and of course #tbt as well. It is interesting in some sorts how both of these hashtags fall in the same day without people realizing the correlation, a correlation that I will get to in a minute. Thankful Thursday is […]

Gratitude for a positive attitude, #thankfulthursday

They say that shoes make the man/woman and it is never more true than when you are active. Shoes have a huge impact on your body…you must wear shoes that don’t flop and must keep your ankle secure, in addition keep you upright and spine aligned so that you don’t have back problems. […]

Best shoes to workout in

I can’t tell you how much I am excited about posting on this topic. This is by far one of my favorite subjects to talk about. Why? Because mindfulness takes a page from the holistic living book and helps people become more aware of their life and how to deal […]

What is mindfulness and why we need it in the ...

Turning 40 is a huge deal, especially in a woman’s life. Some women choose to embrace it, some women run away and hide and tell everyone they are 39 for the rest of their life. Why are we afraid of getting older? Nowadays with all the technology people are living […]

I just turned 40, now what?