Meditation techniques for anxiety through mindful meditation.

After I meditated this morning I was thinking about how my life was before I started. I tend to think of myself back then as a high strung, worrier, easily stressed, in a world of chaos and no control. I seriously could have used meditation in my life a long time ago, I think I would have handled situations a lot better than I did. But, I did start and has now incorporated 10-15 minutes sessions in every morning. This has definitely helped my stress and anxiety as I go through my life. A natural suppressant.

I remember when I started it was 5 min (sometimes not even that long). I used to do the lying technique or shavasana in yoga, but felt that was not effective for me, though it does work for some. I now sit with my legs crossed and palms up right on my knees with fingers touching. Eyes close, I focus on my breathing and the present moment. I incorporate affirmations, gratitude, and vision my day and my future, truly freeing myself of any doubt and negative talk in my head. This is called Mindful Meditation and is one of many forms of meditation which I will touch on at a later date. Today however I will talk about the meditation techniques for anxiety through mindful meditation.

Clear your mind but still be aware

Kind of confusing but yes, this is what Mindful Meditation is about. It is about being in the present moment focusing on your breathing and what is around you. So here are techniques to keep you present.

Focus on sounds 

I listen to meditation music each time. Mostly positive chakra music, uplifting that sometimes incorporate sounds of waves, waterfall, birds and nature. These sounds are calming and give you the ability to open your mind more.

Focus on your breathing

A great way to start out is to inhale deeply, as deep as possible, hold for 4 seconds and release but when release let the shoulders and body fall along with the exhale. I usually do this 3 times. Breathing like this slows down your heartrate and with the right breathing technique more oxygen then flows to your brain making you more cognitive aware.

Focus on your body

My sessions start out with a complete body scan focusing on a light shining at the top of my head and I focus that light through each part of my body. Paying attention to each part, eyes, nose, mouth, neck, etc. This focus relaxes my mind even more.

Focus on your thoughts

Here is my favorite part. It is very hard for someone to sit or lay for 10 minutes and not think of anything. It’s human nature to have thoughts pop in your head. What Mindful Meditation teaches is to use these thoughts or control the thoughts in your favor. I consistently incorporate a few affirmative words – it is important to have a healthy relationship with yourself and these affirmations are able to boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself. Next I focus on one act of kindness I can instill that day. After, I think of 3-5 things I am grateful for. It can be small like I am grateful for the rain (even though it kept me up all night) – some places are in a drought and would do anything for rain…etc. you get the point. Then my favorite is to visualize what I want to happen that day and how I would like my life to be. But this is where you have to be specific and really in the moments. One visualization I went through on wanting a sale that day and how I was going to go about it, specifics and even actually feeling like I was in the moment. Same thing with what my goal is for the near future. Finally I come back to the present moment chanting “Om” 3 times. Eyes open.

Mindful Meditation truly helps me every single day. And when I feel a bit of anxiety or I feel off all I do is stop what I am doing, either close my eyes or focus on an object, breathe deeply 3-5 times and be in the present moment. This helps balance out the day and is a quick anywhere technique.

Do you incorporate meditation in your daily routine? I would love to hear from you in comments below.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post, please share with others who could benefit. Thank you!



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