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It seems counterintuitive to have National Relaxation Day on a Tuesday – better than Monday I guess. However, relaxation should not be taken lightly, especially in the crazy, stressed out, keep going, immediate gratification and short attention span world we live in. It is imperative to take a “time out” and enjoy the time we have, learn who we are and reflect on what we are doing. Hey if it works for little kids then it should work on adults…let the inner kid out. Today is National Relaxation Day and there are ways to change and get the best out of life.

Stress is such an ugly word but we all have it from time to time, some more than others. Now I am not going to say that stress is only caused by the technology we have – though a major culprit. Stress is caused by so many other factors. One of the main ones is the work place. 80% of workers reported that they feel stress on the job. Deadlines, long hours, clashing personalities, overall unhealthy culture leaves most Americans exhausted and stressed where it affects sleep, relationships, weight and mood. And not to mention sometimes the feeling of overworked and underpaid. Oh and don’t get me started on the money stress.  It is no wonder that days like National Relaxation Day is put in place. My hope is for more corporations to instill a corporate well-being program that includes mindfulness.

But until then we can all do a few things in our daily life starting today to lower stress and even reset. These are needed for better judgement, clarity, health and overall happiness and well-being.

3 things to do to relax and enjoy life

1. Meditation and yoga
Yes, I say it all the time and I can’t say it enough, Meditation is key to relaxation and mindfulness. What happens when we stress out is our heart races and overwhelm kicks in where the brain does not get enough oxygen to focus and make sound judgements in anything at that moment in time. Meditation slows the breathing, calms and forces you to focus on the present time. So often we lose that in the moment feeling and meditation is great for that. Yoga is another great form of relaxation, not only does it help the body but it makes you consciously aware of all 3 mind, body and spirit.

2. Walk it off
One great thing you can do right now is walk. It is almost lunch time here and that is exactly what I am about to do. But walk alone and if you can in a forest preserve or somewhere you are surrounded by nature. I say alone as a lot of times when we are with co-workers we tend to bring work conversation to the walk, making the walk just as stressful as sitting at your desk. Walking on your own and especially surrounded by nature, brings peace and a sense of calm. It also helps to reflect on what is important and brings you to the present moment.

3. Take time off
Yes I said it, we as humans cannot keep going every day, burning the candle at both ends. What ends up happening is we get burnt out and start hating our jobs or life and in a constant negative funk. We need to step away, both mentally and physically so we can be fresh and focused. Time experiencing other cultures, other countries and time away from time again brings us back to what is important in our lives. Our time on this Earth is limited – even though our lives are getting longer we still need to experience other things. If you can’t go on a trip, go for a staycation maybe a hike or stay in a town you never been in. When you are away from the daily grind for a couple days you will not only have a mind reset but also memories that will be with you forever.

Those are 3 of the many ways you can instill relaxation in your lives. Remember you have one body and one life, treat it accordingly! What is one thing you will do today to relax?

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4 thoughts on “It’s National Relaxation Day, 3 easy ways to get the best out of life!

  • Yvonne

    The pictures really amplify each of the relaxation suggestions you offer. What a great reminder to “stop and smell the roses” Didn’t know we just had a National Relaxation Day, we need to remember to do these things all year long!

    • Fit2BHealthe Post author

      Thank you for your response Yvonne. I too did not know about National Relaxation Day until yesterday but it is a great reminder that we all need to sometimes slow down and enjoy life and the present moment. Thanks again!

  • Ganardineroporcjc

    Hello, Elizabeth,
    I congratulate you on your site, I consider the topic you are dealing with is very important. I live in Argentina, and I work in my plantation of blueberries and besides I am playing football 2 times a week. Our body needs a movement as you explain. Surely many people reading your blog will feel inspired and follow your footsteps. I will always be following you. Thank you so much for all your strength and feeling. Regards!!

    • Fit2BHealthe Post author

      Hi and thank you so much for the kind words. Oh how I love blueberries!!! Yes, it is a true passion of mine to live the best way I can and truly hope I inspire those who read my posts. I am very touched by your words and glad I can help especially in another country and around the world – got to love the internet! Wishing you well and thanks again for the follow as I shall do the same. Enjoy!