I just turned 40, now what?

Turning 40 is a huge deal, especially in a woman’s life. Some women choose to embrace it, some women run away and hide and tell everyone they are 39 for the rest of their life. Why are we afraid of getting older? Nowadays with all the technology people are living well into their 90s and even 100. So essentially 40 is actually the new 30. And that is how I see it. But still, women have a harder time dealing with the age than men, or maybe men just show it in a different way…midlife crisis!

So I just turned 40, now what?

First before I reflect in my writing I want to say that 6 months ago I was planning in my head how I would celebrate the milestone because I saw it as a celebration and needed to do something I never did before, go somewhere I always wanted. So I was wanting to plan a vacation in Hawaii where I always wanted to go. However, 3 months later I left my job to do my own thing and husband’s job only paid the bills so priorities and goals shifted. No, I didn’t go to Hawaii but took a mini staycation and had a great time!! I read by the lake, did some shopping, ate like a queen, drank some wine and champagne in the city, acted like a tourist, pampered myself and dinner with parents and drinks with friends.

Fat loss goals

Of course prior to my Birthday I had a 6 month goal of getting to 21% body fat from 28% which I was in January. In June I was 25% and said I would be ok with loosing 2% more in a month which was just shy of my original goal. When I measured on my Birthday I was 23.6% which was a little more than my goal however I didn’t have to stop at my Birthday. I mean I am 40 for a whole year, so I am still reaching for the 21% bf. Living healthy is my life and my goals as I get older are only going to be tougher. Why? Not only do I like a challenge but just because I can and am able to. Listen to your body, but never use age as an excuse to get up and move.

Now what?

As I write that I am thinking it sounds like life is over when you turn 40…on the contrary! There is so much more life to live! Each decade of my life so far has been sculpting me to the woman I am today. My 20’s I was wild and learning, my 30’s settled down and finding my true self, and now in my 40’s know who I truly am and my purpose and am excited about what’s to come. My goals are set higher, my thoughts are bigger and my love is greater. I am wiser and stronger and am working on getting stronger and stronger in mind, body and soul!

What’s next? Who knows, but I am grateful for this life and I ask all of the 40 year old women to stand up and rejoice this gift!

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