Holistic healing for pets, treatments to best care for our animals.

As much as my posts help you understand the best ways to live a natural holistic life, mind, body and spirit. Give you recipes on healthy nutrition, effective exercises and even better way to live a happy life. Our pets (furbabies) are just as important and need even more care than we human beings. We don’t always know what is going on inside them and giving them the best possible care is all we can do, they deserve it! There is holistic healing for pets and here is how.

My baby Perri

Quick story. I had the unfortunate situation of having our beloved Perriwinkle pass on in such a short period of time. He was sluggish, not eating (which is not like him) and at one point couldn’t hold his head up off the water bowl. All this happened within 2 days. He was fine running around like normal, then bam! His heart rate was elevated and I knew I had to take him to the vet. They did some tests and said it was either heart disease or cancer. Either way with as much fluid as was building up in his lungs, it was a 30% chance of survival. Now I wanted to like those odds, but the $4,000 bill didn’t and I had to make the hardest choice and to end his suffering. This happened way too fast, too soon (he was 11 years old). I kept racking my brain, what could I have done different? And who knows maybe I couldn’t have but I could have possibly given him better food. Maybe watched for earlier signs and gone through healing holistically things would be different. Who knows, but it is something a lot of pet owners go through. Even though we were too late with Perri, we have given special care to our other cat Bella.

Holistic healing for pets

There are now more interests in treating animals with holistic medicine. Along with the traditional vet care, pet parents are also incorporating reiki (healing with the hands for stress reduction and relaxation), color therapy and acupuncture to treat the animals inside and out.

Healing the mind, body and spirit

Now I realize there are many skeptics and think that it’s hokey or like hocus pocus but hypnotherapy, sound therapy, use of crystals and herbal treatments have been the focus on many Americans – spending some $30.2 billion on alternative treatments and is growing. For one dog owner, using crystals lead to a long healthier life for her ailing pooch.

Alternative treatments for your cat or dog

  1. Acupuncture – Pet’s with back pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, a limp or other problems may benefit from this treatment.
  2. Chiropractic treatments – A gentle procedure, pets with neck or back problems can benefit.
  3. Massage – Just like humans, pets need massages to improve blood flow and reduce swelling and help with anxiety issues
  4. Aromatherapy – Pets noses are their strongest feature, there sense of smell are 20 times more than humans. Using very little aromas such as lavender can change their brain function from anxiety and relieve stress. Again, very little goes a long way and as always consult a vet for any further questions.
  5. Nutrition – I cannot stress how important it is to give the proper nutrition to our pets. Just like how us humans feel after greasy, processed filled foods is how your pets feel after food with fillers that have no nutrients or protein. A better diet can improve overall health, inflammation, and ease symptoms of chronic arthritis. This is one area I wish I would have taken better caution with Perri.
  6. Herbs – Soothing herbs such as chamomile, kava or valerian are prescribed to help calm and soothe animals in distress. Again, speak with a vet for proper formula otherwise it could hurt the animals.

For some of us our pets are our only children (furbabies) in which caring for them just like we do with our children is the only way. We want what is best for our babies and knowing that there are some holistic and natural remedies that can help them live longer and healthier is indeed great news!

I currently have Bella eating a holistic and organic dry food and continuously message her head and tummy every day, which she cannot get enough of.

Do you follow a holistic treatment or healing for your pet/s? If so please comment below and also let me know if this post has helped you in any way for your furbabies. They may not be able to speak in words but their actions speak enough. I would love to hear your stories! Thank you!




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