Have you tried a boxing class in 100 degree room? 3

Yep, you read that correctly and boy was it intense!

You see it all started a couple weeks ago when I was craving some boxing in my life. I am all for variety in my workouts, the very thing I advise to you all as well. It keeps your muscles questioning and challenges you everytime. Plus, it keeps your workouts exciting and not stale so you keep doing it.

Ok, so now back to this crazy idea. I satisfied my craving last week with a killer cardio boxing. I mean killer! It was an hour of non stop boxing, boot camp style. It was grueling but so much fun! So I decided this week why not challenge myself even more and take a Hot Boxing class. Of course!!!

This class was at a different studio than I was at last week – thank you class pass! The studio had a few cardio machines then a heated room with heavy bags hanging and some weights. The instructor starts the class with a room full of women but is no ordinary instructor. He is a badass with tattoos that curses and gives instructions, I mean orders and everyone follows.  Well except for me in the beginning as it was my first time and had no idea what was going on and he doesn’t show, just ordered. A lady saw that I was new and told me to follow her and we ended up being paired up.

The fun began!

A lot of variety in the class, punching the heavy bag, holding on to the heavy bag with legs and arms around the bag, circuit rounds of sparring with your partner, body weight movements mixed in with boxing, weights then ending with two minutes of cardio. All in 100 degree heat…can you say sweaty??? I have to say at first I didn’t care for the swearing or the no hands on approach, but as I was killing it and having fun, I liked it and realized that it helped and was the very reason why the room was packed and also the reason the lady I was paired up with has been going there for ten years.

I am hooked!

Yes I looked like I just took a shower in sweat but it was challenging, intense, and overall fun.  I will definitely be back next week.

If you have a studio that offers a hot boxing class, take it…you will love it!!

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3 thoughts on “Have you tried a boxing class in 100 degree room?

  • Max

    I never heard of a 100 degree studio or room where you can go boxing. Incorporating that into a workout would be great for people trying to lose weight and get in shape. Even though I’m not someone who needs to lose weight, like you said a variety is good to keep your workouts from becoming stale. I would like to know where I can do this.

    • admin

      Thank you for your comment. I never heard of it before either and to tell you the truth when I did more research I couldn’t find many studios or gyms that offer it. There is a studio by my house that is strictly for hot boxing so it could be a new trend. 

  • Lyle

    Wow that sounds like some workout, I’ve never even tried boxing on its own never mind in a roasting hot room, but in saying that I’ve always wanted to try something like that – MMA looked really interesting. I’m not too sure if this type of class is available where I live or in the city but I’ll defos have a look considering how fondly you’ve talked about it!