Gratitude for a positive attitude, #thankfulthursday

Today in the social media world is known as #thankfulthursday and of course #tbt as well. It is interesting in some sorts how both of these hashtags fall in the same day without people realizing the correlation, a correlation that I will get to in a minute. Thankful Thursday is a day understanding how important gratitude is in our daily lives. In fact, when one has gratitude in their lives, they ultimately have a positive attitude.

In reading one of the many awesome books by Tony Robbins – Money Mastering The Game, buy the book here – he writes:

“To overcome fear, the best thing is to be overwhelmingly grateful. If you wake up each morning and think of five new things for which you’re overwhelmingly grateful, you’re not likely to be fearful, you’re likely to radiate your optimism, your attitude of gratitude, you’re likely to do things in a better way, draw more people to you. So I would think an attitude of gratitude will prevent a life of fear.”

Powerful words and it is not just Tony Robbins that thinks this, motivational speaker Jim Rohn believes being grateful is key to success by stating one of his mantras:

“Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.” 

So how is gratefulness so powerful?

Every post that I write, every bit of information I give is to help you and everyone who reads my blogs the hope, the tools, the know how of living a life the best and most fulfilled way through complete mindfulness and holistic approach. Why? Because I am grateful every day of who I am, who I have become, what I have and so grateful of my health that I share it with everyone as I want you all to feel intensely filled with energy, clarity and happiness! When we realize how much we have in our lives it puts life into perspective. I have my health, what about those millions who cannot walk, have cancer or debilitating disease? I have money in the bank, what about those struggling to even put food on the table or are living on the streets? I have love in my life, what about those that were abandon or are alone? Even better, those that are worse off more often than not still are grateful they are alive. When the realization sinks in, we become happier and more fulfilled with our lives. This positivity becomes infectious as you are sending it out in the world and watch how things change, how people’s actions or reactions change. Why? Because we opened up our minds, our hearts and help others  with a smile.

Turn the negative into a positive

Remember what we send out in the world we get back. If we think negative thoughts, negativity will come back to us and it will be a vicious cycle. However, when we train our minds to think positive thoughts, be grateful, positive things will happen. Now I am not saying that you always have to be thinking sunshine, roses and unicorns from the time you wake up until you go to sleep, that’s not even normal or human. Personally I woke up today cranky as I didn’t sleep well and had some anxiety about the future but what I did was immediately call out the thoughts, get back into the very moment and truly appreciate what I have and always knowing things have a way of working themselves out. Which is why I am writing this today and it is actually therapy at the same time.

The Secret

How do I practice gratitude?

As the quote above from Tony Robbins suggest is to write out 5 things you are grateful for every morning as soon as you wake up. This is a habit of many many successful people, many peaceful people, many fulfilled and happy people. This is a great start to the day! When you write it out, truly feel the words, understand the meaning, the impact and the reason you were put on this Earth. With this understanding you have the power to control your thoughts to a positive outlook. When you start to waver away back to the negative during the day – something happened at work, or home, go back to what you wrote out and be in the present moment and take back control of your own feelings.

#thankfulthursday and #tbt

When we post pictures of our past and hashtag throwback Thursday, we are reminiscing of those Happy days in our lives. Whether with friends, family when we are dorky looking as a kid or at a place we love, we have fond memories of these pictures and people and share them for the world to see. This is being grateful of those that were or are in our lives, the experiences we lived, the fact that we grew out of our dorkiness (or used it to our advantage). When we are grateful of where we were that got us to where we are today, that shaped us to who we are, we are able to live a happier more fulfilling life and this is why gratitude will always bring a positive attitude!!

What are 3 things you are grateful for in your life? Comment below to share!


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