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They say that shoes make the man/woman and it is never more true than when you are active. Shoes have a huge impact on your body…you must wear shoes that don’t flop and must keep your ankle secure, in addition keep you upright and spine aligned so that you don’t have back problems. Gym shoes (or sneakers) are the same if not more detriment to our health. There is a reason why different styles of shoes are made for different types of workouts or activity, they perform accordingly. Fit is also very important – I can attest to buying poorly fit shoes twice, one too small and one too big. The ones that are too small, actually hurt my back not just my feet. The ones that were too big, did not support my ankles enough which I believe caused injuries in my leg traveling up to my hip.

To help you choose the right shoe for you and according to the different type of activity, I have done some research and bring you below, the best shoes to workout in…


Product: New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3
Price: $89.05-$99.99
Best Place to purchase: Amazon – Buy here by clicking the links: Women’s and Men’s

Why is this the best shoe for running? Running puts a lot of strain on your feet and joints, it is best to have the most proper shoes and fit. I would recommend going to a retail store that tests for your proper size. However New Balance came out to be the best performer in running. Not only did it win an award in 2017 but it is lightweight, to handle both speed for sprints and durable to handle long distance running for marathons. Underfoot, reshaped treads are smaller and spread side to side, with small notches in each to increase flexibility.

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New Balance Athletic Shoe


Product: ASICS Gel-Unifire TR 3 Cross-Trainer Shoe
Price: $70
Best Place to puchase: Amazon -Buy here by clicking the links: Women’s and Men’s

Why is this the best shoe for crosstraining? Crosstraining includes anything from working out with weights, high intenisty classes, or use on cardio machines. This shoe came up as being the best choice for crosstraining as it is highly versatile and used for a range of activities. Very comfortable, affordable and stylish. Shock absorbant and full support. Note, this shoe runs small, so purchase a size up.


Product: Reebok Crossfit Speed Tr Cross-Trainer Shoe
Price: Up to $149.95
Best Place to Purchase: Amazon – Buy here by clicking the links: Women’s and Men’s

Why is this the best shoe for crossfit? Crossfit (and powerlifting) shoes must be flat sole in order to use your whole body to pick up heavy weight and do certain exercises. This shoe consistently came up as being the best crossfit shoe to date. There are flex grooves for weightlifting stability, a breathable mesh upper and anti-friction collar for reduced heat and moisture, and a molded compression midsole for impact resistance and max comfort. Reebok also built in a heel KippingKlip and its patented RopePro carbon rubber to prevent sliding and improve explosiveness. Low-cut design for optimal range of motion, compression molded midsole for shock resistance, KippingKlip heel and RopePro carbon rubber for slide prevention.


Product: Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoes
Price: Up to $110
Best Place to Purchase: Amazon –  Buy here by clicking the links: Women’s and Men’s

Why is this the best shoe for walking? Walking is the ultimate form of exercise. We all do it, some more than others. It is easy, free and healthy. Personally I have traded in my running days for power walks as I find it is less impactful on the knees, hips and joints…especially when you get older. So what makes this shoe the best walking shoe? Mesh lining and removable sockliner accepts personal orthotics for the perfect fit, moisture control, and support. SoLyte midsole foam.




What form of exercise do you do most and do you have the right shoes? Would love your comments below and feedback. As always if you like what you read, please share…I will be forever grateful!

Thank you!



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2 thoughts on “Best shoes to workout in

  • Cathy

    I used to do a lot of running until I developed the runner’s knee. By then, my shoe was all worn out. Even the sole was penetrating through the cushion.

    Now with sciatica pain, my workout is more towards gentle walking and I find that orthopedic shoe with arch support is the best solution. Sports brands are great but I find them too bulky sometimes.

    • Fit2BHealthe Post author

      Thank you for your comment and I understand how certain support shoes are needed especially for sciatica. As long as you keep moving, that is the key. 🙂