My name is Elizabeth and I am a holistic health coach who believes that everyone has the right to enjoy their life the way it was meant to be lived. Helping people feel alive, happy and whole is my passion.

Holistic Nutrition

So who am I and why should you ready my blogs? Well I am not an A-list actress, a singer, a fashionista, a fitness model or a motivational speaker. But what I am is a girl in this world doing her part to inspire, to live a healthy, happy  life full of adventure, success, failures and craziness. A little background to get you up to speed on my life and why I do what I do. I come from a middle class Catholic family in NW side of Chicago. My parents are still together and still love each other and me. I grew up as the geeky fat kid. I had braces, pimples and was overweight. I was a hot mess! But aren’t we all at that age? Well I was also bullied, laughed at and though I had friends I felt alone. I took matters in my own hands Sophomore year in HS and flipped the switch. I vowed I was never ever going to be fat again. So what does a teenager do but take things completely 180. In less than a year I went from 150lbs to 89lbs. Finally my parents knew there was something wrong and took me to the doctor where I was diagnosed as borderline anorexic. Since then I still did not know how to manage my diet, yo yo’ed all the time and really not taking the best care of myself. Fast forward to only 6 years ago at age 34 while I was working in apparel industry I had a breakthrough. I woke up one day wanting to learn more about weight lifting. Then immediately after that, I saw something on Facebook about Whole30 and Paleo and have since change my life and haven’t looked back. I went from an apparel industry to a fitness sales industry to being a holistic health coach. What does that mean? It means that having a family history of cancer and heart disease our health is much more important than anything. I do not believe in Western medicine and know that even though 20% of illness comes from family history, the other 80% is up to us on living holistically to avoid and even treat any disease.


I am a true fitness fanatic, movement is key to longevity. I like to mix it up incorporating HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Weights, Circuit Training, Group Classes, Yoga, Boxing. You name it, I will do it! It pays to have a husband who is a Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist as well!

Travel and Fun

I also love to travel, taking my adventures outdoors. It can be as close as in my own town, just walking around finding the beauty in nature and the world.

Give back

I am involved in a couple of different local charities one helping adaptive individuals play sports and another to keep survivors of breast cancer active and rowing. Both involving living an active lifestyle no matter what!! I truly enjoy helping others. It is like therapy being able to help others live a happy life.

Why should you read my blogs

My passion today is to inspire everyone to live life the way it is intended. We are only on this earth (possibly on the moon one day) for a short time, why not live. Now I am not saying Carpe Diem, well I am a little. I see life and the human being as an art – canvases waiting to be painted their story. Whether it is buying that dress or a pair of shoes that gives you that confidence to kill it at the office or gain sales for your own company, to laugh with your friends and loved ones, to the ultimate sacrifice and determination at the gym for the next show or better yet to reach your fitness and nutritional goals, to donating your time and/or money to local charities that you believe in, to ultimately being in the present moment.

Through my blogs I will educate on what it truly means to live life holistically. Now there are SOOOOOO many blogs like this out there that will make your head spin, though I do not have a degree I am certified in Sports and Nutrition and with the help of my husband who is Personal Trainer/Physical Therapist I will offer the best real life fitness advice. What I do have is a different approach. Even though I changed my lifestyle I am in no way shape or form even remotely close to being a fitness model, not with these thighs and cankles, but that’s the beauty of it. I do have goals myself, not only health but success as I am starting a new venture, and a family with a goal of adopting and goals to travel more.

My intent with these posts are to take you on a journey and help you see life in a positive light leaving you with a smile and possibly laughter (sometimes at me…haha). I am dorky, fun but serious when it comes to changing the health of our nation. Hope you will subscribe and follow me.


Elizabeth Di Cristofano – Holistic health coach and Fit2BHealthe