5 stress free tips for moving

Holy cow is moving stressful! It is stressful moving in the same state but even more stressful moving to an entirely different state, which is what my husband and I did…add to that a cat and I almost succumbed to tears and a breakdown. Oh let me throw one more wrench in the situation in that neither of us had been in the state we moved to (well I did for a day for an interview). We at least have friends here so that helps. We ventured 17 hours in 2 cars (no trailers, hitch or van) all the way from Lake Forest, IL to Dallas, TX all this on maybe 2 hours of sleep. Yes I know that probably was not the best idea and holy shit was it the worst drive ever!!!

In all this I just kept moving forward and focused on the positive outcome. Now I will say in full transparency since we opted out of trailer or moving van we got rid of ALL our furniture and left behind some of his car stuff. We just had nowhere to put it. But one thing, it will be an easier move into our new apartment and we get to start fresh. Our move was done in 2 weeks which I do not recommend at all. I have come up with 5 tips for a stress free move…so you don’t have a nervous breakdown.

1. Plan, make lists and schedule

Like I said above, 2 weeks is definitely not enough time to move, especially for a far move. Plan at least 8 weeks ahead of time (12 weeks is ideal). Plan what you will be taking, donating and throwing out or selling. Make a list for each room and schedule a day or days for each room. Schedule the movers ahead of time and understand the costs. Plan for a possible set back or delays and don’t get discouraged if behind schedule, life happens and just keep focused and organized.

2. Avoid packing mistakes

I am all for just putting things in boxes, no rhyme or reason but not only is it frustrating when trying to find things but definitely don’t want to risk breaking anything. Fragile should be kept with fragile, pack by category and place the boxes from one room next to each other, and always always always label each box with black sharpie. Now there is a science as to what boxes and containers to use for what items. Ensure the heavier items are packed in plastic containers as they can hold the weight. Linens and pillows should be kept in plastic bags. If you can, get wardrobe boxes. They come with hangers that keep your clothes from getting wrinkled… something I wish I had, though my steamer is getting it’s use.

3. Prep the new place

Before moving all the boxes and furniture in, make sure to do a deep clean of each room and each cabinet/drawer. Do the painting and any installing at this point. What we ended up doing since we are very new to the state is book an Extended Stay until we found the right apartment in the right area. The apartment already came equipped but still needed a good cleaning before inhabiting.

4. Ask for help

Ask a professional, a friend, a co-worker, a family member, hell ask the muscle bound guy/gal at the gym to help. Usually hubs and I do it on our own (you should see the massive bruises all over my body..hot!). However, we did ask his bro to help, especially the last couple days when I was just ready to throw in the towel… literally! Know the strengths of those you are asking for help. Your bro and dad might be great for the heavy lifting but your mom might be great at keeping things organized.

5. Have fun and treat yo self

As hectic and crazy as moving in itself is, make sure you put some fun in it. If you have kids, make a to do a game or a puzzle for them. Go to a spa, get a massage, buy an outfit or your own house/apartment warming gift, hang out with your friends. This brings up another point I wish we had time for, having a good bye party. As much as you can, de-stress is the best!


Moving can be both exiting and stressful at the same time. When you follow these tips, this will not only lessen your stress but make you a moving professional. As for our situation, we are adjusting to our new life easily and already feel at home.

I want to hear from you: What are your travel tips or tricks you have picked up? Would love to read your comments below.

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