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A Mayo Clinic-led study found that protective mastectomies that preserve the nipple and surrounding skin prevent breast cancer as effectively as more invasive surgeries for those with BRCA. (Fotolia)

This is an interesting post for me as it is special to my heart. I just lost my dad a month ago who battled stage 4 Melanoma Cancer and whose health quickly deteriorated. In 3 short months he went from an active sweet man to bed ridden with tubes everywhere to gone. It is heartbreaking when a loved one goes through such a terrible disease, no matter what stage or age. My mom had breast cancer and is still a survivor, my aunt passed from Cancer, my grandfather passed from Cancer, my cousin and friend both had breast cancer, I even had a friend at the age of 30 with Breast Cancer pass way too young and early in life. #Cancersucks

Even though it seems everyone has cancer nowadays it has actually declined in the last decade. One of the main reasons is a cessation in smoking and early detection. Statistics found on cancer.org ‘Facts and Figures 2018″ blog post Cancer mortality has dropped 1.7% over the last year, and it will keep dropping. The major cancer types are lungs, breast, prostate and colorectal and are more prevalent in blacks than whites but the gap is shrinking.

Still for those millions of people who are affected everyday, in addition to stop smoking and early detection there are healthier approaches to prevention and treatment known as an Integrative approach. Integrative, is just that…it assists with the treatments in a more holistic nature. Because conventional treatments tend to be toxic, using an Integrative approach combines conventional medicine along with Complementary medicine (CAM) practices that have been shown affective. It is not alternative medicine as taking that approach can be more harmful than good.

I have personally made it my mission to learn everything about cancer and the different types of preventions and treatments. I picked up a book called “The Definitive Guide to Cancer, 3rd Addition: An Integrative Approach To Prevention, Treatment and Healing (Alternative Medicine Guides)”  and found it to be very informational and very easy to read. A part of the book goes into detail on certain ways to prevent and treat different forms of cancer using the Integrative approach. I would love to share with all of you 10 of these ways so that you or someone you know can implement them in your life for either a greater prevention or an easier way to treat this disease.


Let’s start with the biggest one…diet! I have mentioned in my previous post that the easiest thing one can do to not only prevent but to treat cancer is to cut out processed and chemical laden foods. Think of your body as a temple and not a garbage can. What you ingest plays an important role in whether you get or keep the cancer disease. There are so many cancer inducing foods – sugar is the number one culprit. I cannot say it enough, you need to cut out the sugar and a little tough love here…If you do not cut out the sugar you will have a very short life. Plain and simple!

Think of it this way, consumption of refined sugar causes spikes in serum glucose and this can decrease insulin sensitivity over time, this is known as insulin resistance. This is where a decrease in the sensitivity of insulin receptors on cells that will then not function properly to let glucose enter the cell. Insulin resistance in otherwise healthy cells creates other biochemical changes that promote cancer growth and can lead to excess levels of insulin and insulin-like growth factor which might encourage some types of cancer to grow.

In addition to cancer causing foods there are also cancer fighting foods. Think of a lot of vegetables, some fruits, healthy fats and lean and sustainable source of protein. Some examples of vitamins that are cancer fighting:

  • Vitamin A and Carotenes – carrots, peppers, apricots, spinach and mangos
  • Vitamin C – peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries
  • Vitamin D  – cold water fish and dark green leafy vegetables
  • Vitamin E – whole grains, seeds and nuts
  • Potassium –  bananas, avocados, oranges
  • Zinc – Ginger root, fresh oysters, pecans
  • Essential fatty acids – fish, shellfish, flaxseeds and sea vegetables


This goes without saying. For prevention, exercising is vital. Anything from bike riding to weight lifting to running, to yoga is a great way to keep your immune system strong and fight any foreign anti-bodies. Plus it makes you stronger which is also essential during cancer treatment as well. It aids in tolerating the treatments and keep the bones, organs and muscles performing their best.


This ancient Chinese form of healing has had profound effects on so many people in different varieties. Pregnancy, depressions, frozen shoulder, and diseases such as cancer. This is a popular method that has been used for over 5,000 years and the reason is that is helps to center the body. Centering is important to balance the chi or your vital life force energy. It uses needles placed in the “pressure points” to shift the energy around and balance. Highly affective!


Along with acupuncture massage is another form of balancing and reducing stress. Stress is a big factor in both prevention and treatment of cancer. When we are stressed our immune system weakens and disease is more susceptible to form. With a nice relaxing massage, the body and mind become more relaxed and able to function properly. Getting a massage may also help diminish some of the treatments side affects.

Naturopathic Medicine

Use a naturopathic physician for alternative medicine to use natural remedies along with the integrative approach. This can include herbal and botanical preparations along with the massage and acupuncture referenced above. Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses Naturopathic Medicine among a few other places.


I am not truly familiar with Reiki however have heard it’s many benefits. Just like acupuncture, Reiki uses a form of energy therapy that gently encourages balance on all levels by reducing stress, anxiety and pain by restoring a sense of well-being. This method enhances the body’s own healing process.


This method can help ease headaches, improve breathing, helps reduce stress and anxiety as well as relieve pain associated with the cancer or conventional cancer treatments. How this happens is by using electronic devices, biofeedback monitors certain bodily processes such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Another method is called bio-hacking which I will get into in another post.


Tony Robbins once said that his morning ritual is to jump into freezing cold water and then into hot water. This not only stimulates his body but also mind. Hydrotherapy is a similar method. This uses water, ice, steam and hot/cold temperatures to maintain and restore health. Hot water stimulates the immune system and help detoxify the body by releasing heat and water-soluble toxins in sweat. Then the cold water is used to relieve inflammation. Contrasting these is believed to reduce inflammation and pain with digestion.


If you have followed  my posts you know that I am a big…no….HUGE advocate on meditation. I have written numerous posts about it and practice it religiously every morning. I am sure for those with the disease it will be hard to calm the mind but it is imperative that you do so. Calming the mind and the breathing will relieve a lot o stress and in turn will again get you back to the present moment and help with feeling of gratitude and happiness. Focus on the breathing and the heartbeat to help your mind get clear. Do at least 10 minutes every day for it to be effective.


For people, when they hear they have cancer their world is tuned upside down. Their minds are filled with so much and will not be able to process this news in a healthy manner. Psychotherapy treats mental and emotional disorders using psychological methods such as counseling. This can be used to help alleviate illness-related anxiety.

These are 10 of the many different integrative methods that can be used to not only prevent cancer but also treat this disease that affect so many of us out there. If you or you now someone who has cancer please share this. This post is for each and every one of us for prevention as well. Would love to hear any feedback.

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  • Life Hack Guide

    I’m sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing what you have learn about cancer. I agree with you that we are what we eat. So watching out for our diet and eating healthy is one of the things to prevent cancer. It is something new to me that acupuncture can treat cancer and will definitely look into this for more information. I will definitely share this article with my loved ones. Thanks!