3 ways to use Augmented Reality in diet and exercise – not just for gaming 2

We all know the infamous Pokemon Go game that was a huge hit a year ago. At that time I was so against it saying it was stupid and that it was for gaming geeks. Little did I know that game started the Augmented Reality craze, a craze that I too am now jumping on board excited about.

Both Google and Apple have been duking it over for the AR top spot in the last year or so. But looks like Apple has won…for now. Apple just released news that the newest iPhone version will have AR built in, equipped with a new gyroscope and accelerometer, to ensure more accurate motion tracking. This is great news for those looking to amp up their diet and exercise routine. In this post I will explain 3 ways to use Augmented Reality in diet and exercise.

What exactly is Augmented Reality?

In technical terms Augmented Reality is: “a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.”

In layman terms Augmented Reality is seeing virtual or augmented data and visuals while still in real world. Unlike it’s partner Virtual Reality which you are completely immersed in another world.

For more on what Augmented Reality is click here –> Augmented Reality 

3 ways to us Augmented Reality in diet and exercise

With this technology still new yet gaining traction, it currently has a plethora of uses and this includes health, education, fitness and wellbeing. We all know that fitness wearables are insanely popular which is making way for this new technology to aid in a new, safe and fun way to be educated on nutrition and get that workout in.

  1. Grocery store shopping

Grocery shopping while trying to eat healthy or stay on a particular diet can be daunting. So many items to chose and what is right? Marketers sure know how to lure consumers to their packaging. Even the ones who know to read labels and ingredients can sometimes be confused if it is ok to consume based on doctor’s orders or their lifestyle. However, when you have Augmented Reality glasses such as Google Glass, there can be ways to scan items in the store and have only certain items in focus that meet your diet needs. To be even more futuristic, a store in Milan has become the first grocery store to be completely Augmented. Cool huh?

2. Fitness

Yes we all flock to that new fitness craze that came out…goat yoga anyone? (Yes that is a real thing). And how about that boring 45 minutes on a treadmill or same weight lifting program and getting no where or just blah. Well, fitness in Augmented Reality has no goats, but it does act like a real one on one personal training sessions. It is also popular due to the gaming aspect of it (reference Pokémon Go). Picture being in the comfort of your own home with a personal trainer standing in front of you giving you exercises to do and showing you the proper form. Or following a game by ARX Trainer and have fun while getting a workout. Now that Apple will have Augmented Reality built in, be on the look out for many fitness apps to pop up all in Augmented Reality. 










3. Gaming and education

I referenced in point 2 that gaming is a huge benefit to keep users engaged while staying on their health and fitness goals. Gaming is normally for exercise though I can see it being used for nutrition as well. For nutrition, Augmented Reality is more for educating the user on food types and also aids in dining out.

With this new technology coming to mainstream and Augmented Reality glasses price dropping, this is a great new way to keep on the path to achieve your health, nutrition and fitness goals…whatever they may be!

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Would love to read your comments on what you think about this new technology and do you think it will help with health and fitness goals?


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2 thoughts on “3 ways to use Augmented Reality in diet and exercise – not just for gaming

  • Jeannie Brickley

    Hi Elizabeth.

    Hmmmm. I never thought of using augmented reality for diet and exercise. It is an interesting concept. I’m not sure if I really understand how it works at the super market; but I can see the advantage of having your own personal trainer helping to exercise and showing you the perfect form. I’m sure that these glasses will work their way into every aspect of our lives; just like cell phones have done. 🙂

    Thanks for an interesting post.


    • Fit2BHealthe Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Yeah, it will definitely be an interesting shift and probably expensive at first but very convenient to have information and tips right there. We shall see!!